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!!! The Richydidgemachine !!!


The subject of this site is the didgeridoo or yedaki, the traditional instrument of north-australien Aboriginals
Because it fascinates many people in the western countrys, some of them wish, to make a didge by there own. I like to intvite these people to show the homemade didges on this site.
gallery Gallery of "homemade" didgeridoos by various people, lots of them are instruments for professional musicans.
dates for cutting When we should cut the wood... ?
making tutorial drilling Here you will see how to make your own didgeridoo by drilling from logs wich are not eaten out by termites. Some workshop-expirience required.By Johannes
making tutorial sandwich By Peter Siegrist, a complete making instruction for sandwich-technic, with many photos, only in german, but the photos telling the most. Thank you, Peter :-)
how to play How to play, by Richy Schley. Sorry, only in german.
sounds by Marco The samples of Marco van der Linden are modern percussive didge, tongue-acrobatics ;-) amazing!
sounds Klaus Schaefer Klaus Schaefers samples are played on some of the best traditional yedakis, wich are availible in germany, focus is on richness of tones. Compare with other samples by visualisation: e.g. Win Media Player "Ambience Water".

The forum about didgemaking by und Sorry, it is in german but, please ask in english, you will get an answer in english. Most readers are able to understand you.

links Interactive linklist. Please place your !didge-related-link! there, and chose the right category.
guestbook Here is a guestbook, I appreciate to read your impression and comment there.

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The first 3 samples are found on CD-Compilation WHOLE EARTH DIDGERIDOO by Peter Spoecker. He has a very fine website, also dealing with didgemaking, and a lot more.


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