Here are some pics of selfmade didges by Johannes Schildkamp
All are bored through and then given a structured inner surface for good sound.
Instructions how to perform this you will find here.


I got the opportunity to play didge in the Catholik Church in Bernau near Berlin.

The pope Eberhardt (right hand) opened the Church in the evening just for this. In the back you see virgin Maria (in the golden frame of course ;-)

The sound was really amaising. I tryed all the different places.

The didge is made from Hornbeam, a Dis.

In der Kirche in Bernau bei Berlin
This is the newest didge, made of Maple. On these didge I documented the tutorial. Because of the relativily heavy bend it was quite labor intensive.
Lenght 140 cm, bell inner diameter 15 x 15 cm.
Pitch F.

This is Thomas, with his new didge.

Me, playing it the last time.

My wife Marina, she is 163 cm tall? so you get an idea how the size of the didge is.
It's made from Robinia. Pitch E
This didge is made of Hornbeam, leaving the Bark patially. Sound is some kind mystical Pitch C#.
The first didge I made with the bore through technik It is Cherrywood. Pitch E.
Here I am with a thin-walled Didge of Hornbeam, voice are quite good, pitch C.
This one is made of Quila-wood, it grows somewhere in south-east Asia. A quite hard material and the sound is like that, fast, hard and a lot of overtones. Pitch  F#
Here you see 6 logs, waiting with patience until I start my work on it.
Left to right: Marple, 2x White-Beach, Robinia, 2x Oak.
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