some pics of a sandwich-technic made didge and garden

David Linder, artist, didgeplayer and author, needed for his next CD-project "The New Didgeridoos" pics from me.

Here are some of them...

A nice knotty Hornbeam log ready cut, and the inner surfacace signed after the cut I clamped the two halves together and drilled a hole 30 mm for a perfect round mouthpiece.
inner surface finished, ready to glue lot of clamps This Didge is owned by Stefan Thiel.

left to right

G# - Cherry, F - Black-Custer, E - Black-Custer, D# - Cherry, D# - Hornbeam, E - Black-Custer, F# - Quila

My new didge-stand, 3cm thick stoneplate with little weels foe easy moving  
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