Didgeridoo making-instruction with bore-through-technic
Step 3, boring the hole

Now I used the Drillmachine a lot, with some intervalls, to let it cool down. The hole from the bell-side with the 45 mm drill is 83 cm deep. You see it at the meter above the log.
The deepness of the hole depends from where the log is bend.
The same from hole-side direction.
Then you turn the log and fix it again. Preparation of the Drillmachine is the same like in step 2.
With the 35 mm drill you go on from the mouthpiece until the holes (hopefully) will meet.
From time to time you have to check that the bore is still in the middle of the log. With a lamp you can see the year-rings for orientation.
The pic is unsharp, but I hope, you can see what I mean.
Email to Johannes 2005-12-03
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