Didgeridoo making-instruction with bore-through-technic
Step 2, adjusting the drillmachine

At first, we have to make space on the workbench (in my case mostly nessesary) and place the log on it.
At the left side there is a block mounted on the bench.
With a cord we make a middle-mark for orientation to have a better visual control.
We estimate, how deep the hole can be from this side.
Then we fix the log on the bench with a c-clamp.
On the right side you see a rest for the drillmachine, wich is made to keep the height while you are drilling.
I hope, you can see, that the drill is in line with the cord-mark.
The one side of the pulley will be fixed on the workbench, while the other with help of a loop fixed at the drillmachine. The machine and the drill is pulled by the pulley into the wood.
You can make 3 - 4 cm, then you have to put out the drill, in order to remove the woodchips.


Here yoe see the log from the machine-side.
Now you have to give power until the machine is to warm or it starts smelling ;-)
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