Working with mashines is always dangerous,
this making-instruction is not meant to follow.
You allways work on your own risk.

Didgeridoo making-instruction with bore-through-technic
Step 1, preparation

If you like to make a didge with the boring technic, you need some special tools, wich are not so difficuld to make.
The most importend ones are the drills. I use two modified Forstner drills, with 35 mm and 45 mm diameter. I welded a steel-extension of 120 cm length and 12 mm diameter on it.

For the other tools you can your phantasy, all things witch is long and can made sharp. On the pics is what I use, its not the best, but it works. Mostly I use the sharp steeltubes to widen the hole. For the points you could not reach in the other way, the mill is useful.
The diagonal sharpend quartersteel I use to make simulated termite-like rough surface.

Further you need a pulley for about 300 kg to give the drillmachine the push.


Then we need a nice straight log. If it bend one time it is ok, but with two bends it is nearly inppossible to bore through.
Now I take the second from right, its oak, 7.5 cm dia on top and 13 cm on bottom. It has a light bend.


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