How to make a wax - mouthpiece

The wax used I make a 10/1 mixture of bee-wax and canauba-wax. Taht means 10% to 12% Canauba-wax. It makes the mothpiece more temperaturresistant and more stabil. Even In Summer in the car it keeps its form.

Together with black waxcolor the wax will be melted and mixed, and let it cool down. Now it is very brittle, so we have to work on it.

With help of warming it we mould it until the Struktur becomes more elastic and homogen.

Then we mould a little nice snake and from the snake a ring. The inner diameter of the ring will be a lot smaller then the bore. And we have to keep the wax warm, otherwise you can't mould it.



Here you see, the ring is smaller than the bore.

The ring will be moulded on the mouthpiece. It cools down quite fast, so you have to rewarm it. .

At the inner side we form the opening relatively sharp because it is important for nice overtones. 

That seemes to be up to personal taste, I also have seen rounded openings, and the sound was also good.

For the good sound and easy to play the form of the mouthpiece is very important.

So, now its ready to play :-)

Email to Johannes 2005-12-03