Here are selfmade Didges by Sam Mourot

Pitch F
in cm: lenght 148
mouth ext. 5,0 int. 3,5
bell-end ext. 8,5 int. 6,5
I'm a french new didger (I began to play 2 years ago), and I actually play 2 home made wooden didges. They were splited in half, hollowed out and glued (which I thought to be the cheaper and faster technic to get a dige to play when I began). 
The wood is "Fagus" (hêtre in french, don't know the english name). One is natural, and I painted the
other one with acrylic paint dots. The back dark blue color was obtained by using fruits of Sambucus Niger (Sureau).
The logs were choosen for their size and form, they looked like didges, they just weren't hollowed.
I tried to keep them their original form, except for the mouthpiece I made a little. None of them got wax on it's mouthpiece, as my beard dislike it.

Pitch G
in cm: lenght 128
mouth ext. 5,0 int. 3,0
bell-end ext. 10,0 int. 7,5