Didgeridoos of Dieter Ufer

PVC, 2x Bambus Esche, Euka, 2x Eiche, Bambus, PCV, Bambus
Esche, 2x Eiche
Esche, Eiche, Dieter
580x987,16M 580x802,16M 580x784,16M 580x879,16M 580x1349,16M
PVC pipe , an old (round about 40 years old, with a quite large wall thickness), was my first attempt - in the picture with the bamboo Didges the reddish thing. There I pulled with hot air gun and simply sawed off, sand a "nozzle" to....
Has a quite deep, big volium sound. For first practicing was it a lot better anyhow than the bamboo-didges, on which I can unfortunately hardly play.
Bamboo - one orders oneself bamboo bars to have (in Hamburg including transport to my home quite favorably), then in usual way (file at broomstick) works on. At best can be worked the last knot to the mouthpiece. The enormous Bambusdidge is only for fun (filed with wood mouthpiece from a block simple). The basic pitch is much too deep, it plays not easy.
The darker Bambusdidge is from peeled bamboo, seems to me not completely so susceptibly to splits. Volume-acted with thread and/or with Leukotape, an inelastic plaster, as climber use it for the bath-craved. I could prevent cracking however not completely (despite impragning from both sides).
Wooddidges - first attempt was a died Oak trunk, with the carpenter with belt saw to separate leaves, both halves to prepare, sticks, remachining, impregnation with Livos wood-oil. The thinner end of the trunk is the red Didge with the ring painting, the thicker part the wound with the scoring tire. The Oakdidges has a conical interior form.
Ash - in co-operation with my carpenter. 2 woods of approx. 6cm funnel in manual work hollow out, afterwards again to the carpenter to glue, remachining outside with the circular bore, round-plane, sharpen... Then in usual way with Livos holzoel impregnate.
With ash the interior form is cylindrical in the length to 2/3 and 1/3 conical funnel - thus I made good experiences, start and bring it easily overtones and voice well.
trichter bambus, pvc mundst_esche.jpg
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