Johannes Schildkamp
Rheinstrasse 27a
64390 Erzhausen


Here I am, left of course ;-)

I am married with Marina since 1984.

Johannes Marina :-)

The making of yedakis is like the playing a major part of my aktivity around this instrument.
Because I assume, there is a lot of people, who are on the same way, I like to intvite these people to show there homemade didges on this site. 

In my hobbys I always invest a lot of energy and time, somtimes Marina dont like it at 100 %. So I gained some expirience with many selfemade didges. As a side-effect I learned much about trees and timber.

As a result you can see here the (as far as I know) first didge-making-tutorial with fotos in the web. Marina put in her knowledge about astrolgie and mondphases and the dates for cutting the trees.

Some knifes and bommerangs, witch I made.

If you like to show your selfemade didgeridoos, I offer space for your own HTML page under the domain for free. There you can describe how your didgeridoos was made, some pics e.g. If you are not able to make this page yorself, I will do it for you, if I recieve pics and text via email.

  last change 2004-05-01